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My name is Gourav Dhar

I started "The Geeky Minds" with the goal of offering readers a glimpse into my thoughts and experiences as a software developer. What started out as weekly posts ( on topics like system design, information security etc. ) is evolving into a dynamic site packed with information about various topics that are near and dear to me. Take some time to explore the blogs and see for yourself what makes you curious and eager. Read on and interact with the community! 


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Software Programmer

A Bit About The Admin

The website admin - Gourav Dhar, a 2019 graduate from IIT Roorkee where he pursued his bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering. But life had other plans for him and now he is a software developer. Started off his career as an Android Developer at Samsung.

In December 2020, he joined PulseLabs as a Backend Developer, where he is currently working.

Apart from being a software developer, he also writes tech related blogs. You can find them under the blogs section at the top. He is also into PC gaming and a binge watcher.

For years, he has served as a useful source of motivation, help or advice. Finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it and started writing tech related blogs with a mission to give others a taste of his thoughts and experiences, and has been at it ever since. Take some time to explore the blog and find what sparks your interest. Read on and enjoy!

If you want to be a writer for "The Geeky Minds" feel free to drop an email at "" and you will be added as a writer.

Creative Working

Work Experience

Backend Developer, PulseLabs

December 2020 - Present

R & D Engineer, Samsung Research Institute, Noida, India

June 2019 - November 2020

Software Developer Intern, Samsung Research Institute, Noida, India

May 2018 - July 2018

Research Intern, IIT Roorkee

April 2017 - July 2017

Responsible for adding new features, system design and maintaining the back-end portion of our system.

 Responsible for developing new features for SOS application of Samsung devices as part of team having global ownership for the same. Also did major UI changes.

Designed and implemented a system architecture that would detect and classify different hand gestures using the Samsung Gear Frontier S3 (SmartWatch) in real time. Accuracy of 95% was achieved.

Designed and implemented a system which would detect humans and count the number of humans using Computer Vision and SVM.

Modern problems require Geeky Solutions

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